Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Valley Twins #76: Yours for a Day

Mandy Miller totally like-likes Peter Jeffries. I know this because it was mentioned in a previous book, but now she doesn't know if he likes her. There's a big dance coming up for Valentine's Day, and she wants to ask him to the dance but she isn't sure if he'll say yes or even if he likes her. In the midst of all this, the Unicorns decide to throw a big fundraiser to raise money for the hospital.

They decide to call it Yours for a Day. Kids can sign up to be a servant or they can be a master. Masters have to pay $5 for one day or $10 for two days, and their parents will match their donations. Since this is Sweet Valley and everyone wants to help everyone, they end up with the exact same amount of servants as they do masters.

Jessica winds up with Lloyd, who is pissed that she lied about the earthquake in the last book. He makes things pretty hellish for her. She has to eat a bunch of random cafeteria food, help him with science experiments, and even bring him donuts in the morning. Jessica's servant is Mandy, and she has just one thing for her to do: ask Peter to the dance. Mandy flips out, whines for a long time, and finally gets the balls to do it. The only problem is that Peter already has a date. He's going to the dance with Grace Oliver.

At the same time, Amy and Elizabeth are annoyed with Ken and Todd. They all played tennis, the boys won, and now they won't shut up about it. The girls switch their vanilla pudding with mayonnaise, which leads to the boys declaring a prank war. The guys make them think they have a big surprise planned for them, lead them on a treasure hunt, and rig the door so a bucket of water falls on them. They then tell the girls not to be wet blankets and come to the dance with them.

Elizabeth asks Jessica to rig the master-servant drawing so they can get the boys' names. They make Ken and Todd wear funny ties, answer a bunch of questions wrong, and walk on their hands in the cafeteria. The boys surprisingly go along with everything without any complaints, but the girls wonder if they have something else in mind. Amy gets a little misty eyed though and decides that Ken is the best boyfriend ever.

Mandy decides that Jessica knew Peter had a date and just told her to ask him to the dance as a prank. She trades servants with a bunch of people in school so she can have Jessica. Mandy then makes her sing "Feelings" in the middle of the cafeteria with everyone watching. Jessica finds out that Grace only asked Peter because she had a fight with Winston. She trades servants again, so that Grace winds up with Winston and they make up. The only problem is that Janet winds up being Lloyd's partner and she isn't happy.

Jessica calls Peter to ask him for Mandy, and she learns that he already asked her, so everyone winds up happy. Ken and Todd bring Amy and Elizabeth a bunch of gifts and corsages, but the girls can't stop sneezing. Liz realizes that they put sneezing powder in the flowers, and they share a big laugh. Mandy apologizes to Jessica for making her sing in school, and Elizabeth tricks the guys into singing at the dance. Lloyd then pops up with a gift certificate signed by Janet, which guarantees him one last day with Jessica. Jessica then sets it up so Mandy has to spend some time with him too just to get back at her.

*Elizabeth acts like anyone can stand upside down and walk on their hands, and neither one of the guys have any problems doing it. Yup, I don't even think I could get upside down on my head, let alone support my weight with my hands.

*The Unicorns raise $800 for the hospital, but Lila points out that her dad couldn't donate too much since he just paid for a new wing at the hospital.

*I swear that Mandy and Peter went out on different dates in previous books, but she doesn't even know if he likes her here.

*What middle school kid would actually volunteer to let someone boss them around for a day or two?

*Jessica says that they aren't allowed to make their servants pay for things or buy them things, but Lloyd calls her first thing in the morning and makes her buy him donuts.

*Grace is a Unicorn, but no one knows she asked Peter to the dance until he tells Mandy. Jessica makes some comment about Grace being out sick, but it doesn't even make sense! She's supposedly so sick that she couldn't help them make posters or arrange anything for the fundraiser, but she's well enough to ask him to the dance in school.

*The middle school boys all wear suits or blazers with ties for the dance. Yup, that totally sounds realistic.

*Mandy is the one without a lot of money, but when she asks her mom to buy her a new dress for the dance, literally the night before, her mom doesn't have a problem with it.


  1. Are you reading these and doing the summations as you go? You seem to be posting every few days; if so, that's quite the pace! How do you even have the time?

  2. I was actually sick with pneumonia back in the winter, so I 2+ weeks where I couldn't work or do anything remotely fun. I ended up just reading a ton of books and saving my recaps in a file on my computer. I still have probably 20 recaps in that file left to post! Plus I try to read a few books every week and write up my recaps at night :)

  3. I can't believe the Unicorns were willing to be servants, masters yes, servants? No

  4. Yeah, I really can't see Jessica, Lila or heck even Janet agreeing to let other people boss them around for an entire day LOL.

  5. Does sneezing powder actually exist? I've seen in mentioned in quite a few YA books, but I've never actually seen it in any stores or catalogues. And what is it made of, anyway?

    1. It actually does exist! I remember seeing it with all the joke/prank stuff on the shelves at Spencers when I was a kid. Apparently, you can also find recipes for your own online. It's just black pepper and other spices that seem more like they would irritate your nose than make you sneeze LOL