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Fear Street Cheerleaders: The Second Evil (R.L. Stine)

Part One: Where is the Evil?

Kimmy, Ronnie, and Debra are out driving around and talking about what happened in the first book. They mention how Corky dropped off the squad after her sister's death and how no one is really sure what happened that night. They then see Corky herself walking to the cemetery where her sister is buried. Corky sees a dark shadowy man and starts freaking out. The other girls find her and take her home.

Once she calms down a little, she offers them some hot chocolate. She thinks she sees the same man outside, but by the time she tells the others, there's no one there. They try to convince her to rejoin the squad and hang out for awhile before leaving, but Debra decides to stick around. She's the only one who believes something supernatural happened that night, and she wants to talk to Corky about it. When she gets up to check on the kettle for hot chocolate, she reaches for the kettle and something makes her pour the boiling hot water all over her hand.

Chip comes over to see her and see how she's recovering from her burns. He's a little uncomfortable about seeing Kimmy there, especially since he dumped her for Corky's sister. Left alone, the two talk about what happened, but he doesn't believe it's anything supernatural. Corky then asks him to come to the cemetery with her that night. He refuses at first, but they they make out a little and he agrees. What is this guy doing, working his way through the squad?

Corky previously saw her sister's dead body rise up out of the grave and come at her, so she's a little nervous when she sees a woman in the cemetery. She grows even more nervous when the woman seemingly rises out of the ground, but she calms down when Chip sees her too. Her name is Sarah Ann and she is a college student who seems to know way too much about the Fear family and Sarah Fear in particular. She takes them to a little coffee shop, and Corky picks her brain. When they go to leave, Corky can't help noticing that the other woman has an almost evil look in her eyes.

Cut to Shadyside High. Corky decided to return to the squad, but she claims she's in really bad shape and needs to practice some. While in the middle of practice, she suddenly hears a woman screaming in pain and fear. Corky freaks out and messes everyone else up. When she tells them what she heard, they all reveal that there was no one screaming.

Every time that they start up again, she hears the screams and freaks out again. After like 600 times, she finally gets up and runs screaming from the gymnasium. She runs right into the arms of the mysterious man she keeps seeing in the cemetery and outside his home. He reveals that his name is Jon Daly and that it was his sister who died in the last book. Though he doesn't believe in the supernatural, he does believe that Corky is responsible for his sister's death and he plans to haunt her until she admits it. Before he can do much, Chip comes along and saves her.

When she gets home that night, she thinks about how she lost a sister too and it's not fair that John would come after her. While staring out the window, she sees Sarah Beth in the cemetery wandering around by herself. As she keeps watching, she realizes there's someone else in the cemetery with Sarah Beth and that it;s Jon.

Part Two: Here is the Evil!

It's a few days later and Corky is back in school and taking a make up test at the end of the day. Her science teacher leaves her alone, but it doesn't take long before weird stuff happens. The lights flicker a few times and finally go out, and when she runs for the door, she can't open them. The hand of the skeleton in the room then breaks off and flies across the room. It starts choking her, and she has to fight it off and then break through the classroom door.

Since she needs to get help and knows Chip is still there, she runs for the shop room to find him. She sees blood on the floor and creeps around the room. She eventually finds Chip's dead body. The more she looks, the more she notices, like the fact that the saw took off his hand and it's now sitting on the table.

The ladies all decide to do some weird thing where they call forth the evil from before. All that actually happens is that they find a dog. Even though Kimmy wants to go home and take long bath, Corky convinces them all to stick around. They finally decide that they need to talk to Jon, find out what he knows, and ask him why he was with Sarah Beth. When they get to his house, his parents get all excited when they mention his name and then super disappointed. Turns out that Jon's been missing for at least two days.

Corky and Debra, who are the only two who believe in the supernatural, decide to go see Sarah Beth. Debra notices that she has an old lady voice, and Corky realizes that everything in her apartment looks like something an old lady would own. She accidentally knocks over a pile of mail and finds that it's all addressed to Sarah Fear.

When Sarah Beth comes back, she admits that she's actually a Fear. She also tells them that she was with Jon that night because he called her. They had known each other for years when he called her out of the blue. She also tells them the story of what happened to Sarah Fear, including how she was a on a boat in the lake when a squall popped up. They found her and everyone on the boat covered in marks that made it look like they were boiled alive.

Debra and Corky leave to talk about their concerns that Sarah Beth is actually Sarah. They don't get very far in their discussion before Kimmy pops up with news that police found Jon's dead body in Fear Lake. That doesn't keep them from cheering at the next game. While at the top of the pyramid, Corky jumps off. Kimmy is supposed to catch her but doesn't, which causes her to hit the ground, bruising her ribs and breaking her arm. Kimmy swears that something stopped her from moving.

When she gets home, all she wants to do is take a shower. By the time she gets to the bathroom, she can barely stand. That's when she sees a shadowy figure in the room who steps out of the shower and reveals herself as Kimmy. It turns out that the evil spirit jumped into Kimmy when it left Jennifer. The evil spirit also wants to kill Corky in the same way it did her sister.

Kimmy drags her into the shower and they fight. Corky fights back and manages to pin her to the ground. She holds her head under the water until a nasty green goop comes out of her face. Corky pulls the plug on the shower and the goop goes down the drain.

Kimmy wakes up and reveals that she can't remember anything after that night in the cemetery with Jennifer Daly. Corky promises to fill her in on everything and lets her know that the evil is now officially gone. Her mom comes in to ask why everyone is so wet, and they kind of ignore her. Cut to a few hours later and Corky finds an envelope with her name on the front. When she opens it, she finds a message warning her that "it can't be drowned."

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  1. This one always confused me. I though Sarah and the evil we're one and the same. But here they seem to be different. Is she the real Sarah Fear or was she a ghost? Also when she's telling the story of Sarah Fear where were Simon and Angelica? They had to still be alive where they off terrorizing another town for awhile?