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Fear Street Super Chiller: Cheerleaders: The New Evil (R.L. Stine)

Part One: Party Time

It's now been god knows how long since the evil finally left the cheerleaders alone. Corky, Kimmy, and Hannah are out for a drive when they get into an accident and Hannah goes through the windshield. The other two girls go to the hospital to see her and ask how she's doing, but her parents just burst into tears and her mom runs from the room.

The next day, Corky tells her coach that the doctors got the internal bleeding under control but that she won't be out for the hospital for awhile. That totally sucks because they have some big competition coming up, which means they have to find a replacement. Corky then goes to see her boyfriend Alex who is a total asshat. She asks him for a ride to the lake, he makes a big deal out of why she wants to go, and his friend Jay pops up to do some mild flirting and be pretty much adorable. If he turns out to be evil, I'll be super sad.

Alex takes her to the lake, she sees a hole in the ice, and decides that it means the evil escaped. We then get to see Alex taking her out on a date and flirting with Deena from across the room. Oh, and he stands her up for a date on the last second on Saturday night. I think I know where this is going. She heads over to Debra's house and interrupts a séance or something that she's doing with Kimmy. Turns out that they want to call upon a good spirit to help protect them. Something happens in the room, they all freak out, and Debra swears that she felt a positive spirit in the room.

We then cut to tryouts for the new cheerleader. They narrow it down to three girls: Rochelle, Ivy, and Lauren. While talking about how Rochelle is their top pick, they see Ivy standing outside the room and listening to them. She claims she didn't hear anything and runs off. When they go to tell the girls who they picked, they find Rochelle dead in the gym with a screwdriver stabbed in her neck.

The paramedics come, and Corky notices that Ivy has an evil smile on her face. Before they can barely look at Rochelle to say that she's still alive, Ivy wants to know who made the squad. Lauren flips out and says that she didn't make it because of her and Alex. Alex naturally denies that anything happened between them and says he just helped her with her homework. Hm, didn't know they teach whoring around in high school now.

A few days later, they hear that Lauren is now the alternate for the squad. Even though they never had one before, she went to the coach and convinced her it was a good idea. She comes to all the practices just in case anything happens to another girl. This naturally leads to the confetti cannon backfiring on some chick named Heather and nearly knocking her out. Another girl has a misfire (haha) with a fire baton and can't cheer anymore, which puts Lauren on the squad.

Our three friendly gals Corky, Debra, and Kimmy follow the other two girls to the lake and see Ivy skating around in a pattern with Lauren watching her intently. They decide that this means Ivy is the evil, and Debra says they need to drown her. They plan a big party to do the deed. Alex comes over, gets Corky alone, and tells her they need to talk. Uh-oh. But then Jay shows up and nothing happens. Alex is still an ass though. He doesn't really care about her party and makes up and excuse as to why he can't pick her up.

The girls throw a big party at the lake and everyone goes ice skating. I'm pretty sure I would skip this party because I'm pretty sure I would fall on my ass 786 times. Corky sees Jay, who wants to skate with her and does some more flirting. When she asks him what's up with Alex, he makes up some excuse and takes off. She then sees some guy dressed as Santa coming towards her with a sharp icicle in his hand. It's just Alex though. He thought she would appreciate him coming as Santa to a Christmas party.

Corky somehow still likes him, which I just don't understand, but she needs to meet up with the other girls. Debra brings some random witchcraft book, they go out to the lake, and make sure no one is around. When they start chanting, something happens in the lake. They first think they did something right, but they they realize that they just called forth the evil.

Part Two: Game Time

The basketball team and cheerleading squad end up at two different hotels for some big tournament thing. Kimmy and Corky end up sharing a room with Ivy, and the other girls are on the other side of the hotel. They run into this girl Lena from the other team who is amazing. Ivy gets really weird around her and clearly doesn't like her.

During the first game, they set off the confetti cannons and hear people scream. Someone filled the cannons with black tar, but somehow no one ended up hurt. A bunch of other stuff happens too. Ivy gets pissy about Lena again, Jay picks a fight with the coach, and then someone kills the coach. The girls find him with one of those professional water bottles shoved down his throat. At the makeup game, Lena does a bunch of backflips and can't stop. A bunch of players end up holding her down to get her to stop. Oh and Alex comes over to apologize and admit that he hasn't been around because he's been seeing a tutor. Corky catches Jay spying on them and then Jay stops talking to her.

This all leads up to Corky seeing Ivy sneak out of the room. She wakes up Kimmy to follow her and sees her and the other cheerleaders meeting up with the basketball team. They follow them into the woods and Debra catches up with them. All the others form a circle, start chanting, and do some weird slow dance. The girls realize that when they released the evil, it must have went in everyone else. To make things worse, the others practically cripple a dog before Corky realizes that they can see them.

Part Three: Good-Bye Time

All three girls take off in opposite directions with the group behind them. Corky gets back to the hotel, but the office door is locked. She finds a phone booth that doesn't work, and then Alex comes out of nowhere and grabs her. He tells her that she needs to come back to the lake with him and that they'll have oh so much fun, which is oh so creepy. She escapes from him in the woods and makes it to the lake, but when she slips and falls, she sees Kimmy's dead body trapped under the ice.

They basically chase her deeper into the woods and keep trying to get her to come out. It's really random too. They tell her that the coach wants to see her, that it's time to go to the arena, and other normal stuff. When they finally leave her alone, she sneaks out of the woods and goes back to the hotel, where she sees everyone laughing and joking around as they get ready for the game.

When the bus driver goes back into the hotel, she somehow manages to sneak into the driver's seat and start the bus. She keeps seeing Kimmy's dead body in the water and talking to her and telling her what to do. Corky manages to drive the bus with her head below the steering wheel (seriously) and drives it all the way to the cliff in the woods (seriously again). She basically drives the bus over the cliff and jumps off as it crashes into the lake.

Since she killed them all, she decides that she has to go to the arena and tell everyone what happened. Some random dude picks her up after an hour of walking and drops her off. Corky tries to tell the cheerleading coach that everyone is dead when the team and cheerleaders suddenly show up. Everyone is covered in swamp moss, has bloated bodies, and black sludge pouring out of their mouths. They then turn and start coming after her.

When she turns to run, she sees Debra in the crowd. She briefly tries to run to her and then convinces herself that they got her too. Corky starts to run, falls, and smacks her head. She wakes up in the hospital with a nurse watching over her. The nurse tells her that her parents are on their way and that all her friends are there to see her, which makes her freak out about how they want to kill her.

Corky sees Debra in the hallway but runs from her. She then sees Alex in a hospital room and stops to see his dead body. Turns out that he's totes not dead. He grabs her hand and kisses her. Alex tells her that two guys were ice fishing and somehow managed to pull everyone out of the water. Since the water was steaming for some odd reason, they didn't even get frostbite. Oh, but Kimmy is still dead. Debra comes in, and they tell her that she had a hallucination at the game but no one was actually there. They then realize it's Christmas Eve and they make a joke about it being a white Christmas.

Want to know what pisses me off about this book? Poor Kimmy. Alex literally says, "Oh Corky. Kimmy's dead. I don't know what happened." Exactly two pages later, she's joking about it being Christmas. Why couldn't they just have made that part of her hallucination?

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  1. I loved this one the screwdriver falling, fire and shooting tar at the crowd? The evil has a bit of flare this time.