Monday, January 26, 2015

Sweet Valley Twins Super Edition #1: The Class Trip

This is one of those annoying books that introduces a new character every chapter, so I'm not sure how well my recap will come out.

So Sweet Valley Middle School is heading to the Enchanted Forest amusement park for the day. Elizabeth just can't stop worrying because Jessica won't listen to her. She tells her mom that Caroline asked her to sit with her on the bus, she said she was already sitting with Jessica, Jessica promised, but she doesn't know if her twin remembers. When they get on the bus, Jessica sits with Lila and says they made plans that morning. Elizabeth has to sit with Caroline, and she's so annoyed that she vows never to forgive her twin.

They get to the park, and Lila instantly takes charge. She wants to go to some mirror maze thing instead of the roller coaster Jess wants to ride. Jess loses her and finds her with some cute guy she knows. They decide to run off together, and she ends up with Ellen and some other kids.

Liz pairs up with Julie and Amy to go on some castle ride. She sees Jessica in the last seat and deliberately ignores her. The end of the ride features a swinging ax, and she and Amy butt heads trying to get away from it. The other kids want to go on some other rides, but Liz realizes that she didn't see Jessica get off. Since her twin might be laying dead in the castle, she has to go check on her.

First sign something is wrong? There are no attendants or any other people on the ride or in line. She goes meet a little girl named Princess Charity inside the castle. Though she assumes it's part of the ride, she notices the little girl bleeding. Liz tries to cheer her up by taking a picture of her, but the flash blinds and scares her.

Since the princess needs to save her father and her villagers, Liz basically takes a bunch of pictures. This distracts the guards in the castle and lets the villagers grab the weapons the guards stole. They take back the kingdom, and Elizabeth learns that a girl who looked like her was stolen by an evil king. They give her directions to him and she heads off.

At the river, she meets a boy on a raft, and it's Tom Sawyer. He thinks she's the bees knees and offers to her her save her twin. They follow a series of footprints to a cave Tom never saw before, but while inside, a rock cave traps them. A little tiny mouse climbs up the wall, chews through some grass, and causes another slide. Liz and Tom end up on opposite sides of the wall, and she goes on without him.

Liz manages to see Jessica get picked up by someone and flown through the air. The mouse, who climbed in her pocket, introduces herself as Allegra and tells her to just walk on the moonbeams. She finds Jessica working in a magic rock quarry with a magical chain wrapped around her ankle. The magic starts putting one on her when a limousine pulls up and Johnny Buck pops his head out.

Buck starts singing, which causes the evil witch to freak out. She grabs Jessica and takes off, but Liz hopes in his car to follow. He sings some more, Jessica gets the door to the witch's vehicle open, but when she falls out, another witch on a broomstick grabs her. Liz then tumbles out of the car and falls in the Enchanted Sea. After a few games of checkers with a purple sea monster named Sidney, she finds out that the witch took her to Fairy Tale Land.

Once she gets there, she finds out that the land is full of fairy tale characters but that the witch made everyone unhappy. She cut off Rapunzel's hair, made Peter Pan an adult accountant, turned Hansel and Gretel into furniture, and made Thumbellina a normal person. After chatting with all the characters, Liz finds her way to the witch's house.

She freezes Jessica, who then tries to eat a piece of the castle. In a fit of rage, the witch connects them like siamese twins. When Allegra runs across them and they laugh, Liz notices the witch shaking. They keep laughing until she explodes or something. The fairy tale characters are all free and agree to help them go back home.

They hop on a raft that takes them to a fall. They both freak out and hold hands as they go over the side, and Liz closes her eyes. When she wakes up, she finds herself on the ground with all her friends standing over them. She passed out when she and Amy clunked heads and imagined the whole thing. Right as they head to a new ride, a person dressed as Allegra mysteriously says hi and calls Elizabeth by name, something the characters never, ever do.

*It's nice to know that not only is there an even number of students but that there are only enough seats for the number of students in the class. There are literally no empty seats except for the one by Caroline.

*This cover is wrong! Jessica wears a green jumpsuit so she can match Lila who wears a purple one.

*Nice to know that after a preteen girl hits her head and passes out in their amusement park, the workers let her immediately jump up and go on more rides.

*I'm pretty sure I read this book about 300 times as a kid, but I have no idea why. It was so lame, so hard to get through, and even harder to recap. I literally had to keep going back to find out who was who and what happened where.

*What a head on her! Of course Tom Sawyer would have a crush on Liz and think she's the most beautiful girl in the world. It was funny that he got jealous of Huck though and that Liz wished her twin was there because Jess knew how to handle guys. Ah, if you only knew.


  1. I used to love this book as a kid and reread it all the time haha. I wished I could go to that themepark they went to

    1. A medieval theme park sounds awesome! And totally not like a place Jess would go unless she could dress up like a princess :)