Monday, May 25, 2015

The Baby-Sitters Club #46: Mary Anne Misses Logan

In case you missed the title of this book, Mary Anne misses Logan. Despite being the one who called things off, she can't really remember why they stopped talking. All she knows is that now she misses him and can't stop thinking about him.

At the same time, SMS launches yet another new program. All the eighth graders will get assigned into groups of four. Each group has to create a project around a young adult writer they get assigned. Mary Anne instantly starts worrying about who will be in her group. When she finally gets her assignment, she's in a group with Pete and Miranda, one of those twins she and Kristy used to hang around, but Logan is also in her group.

During their first meeting, the principal comes over with a problem. Cokie, who never gave a crap about school before, suddenly has an extreme interest in Meghan Reinhart, the author they were assigned. Miranda jumps at the chance to switch places with her because she hates Pete for snapping her bra strap the year before. Cokie really doesn't care about the author, she just wants to get close to Logan.

That becomes even clearer when they have a meeting at her house. She keeps getting the name of the author wrong, drools over Logan the whole time, and just acts like a pest. Cokie also has no interest in reading the books. At another meeting, she gets the name of the book wrong and keeps making comments about all the dates she had with Logan.

Pete and Mary Anne eventually have a sit down where they talk about how the other two don't plan on finishing the assignment. They decide to just do all the work themselves. Then, they find out that Reinhart will actually come to the school for an assembly and that the principal wants them to make a special presentation. They decide to do the whole thing themselves but only present their own parts, which will let their teachers know that Cokie and Logan did nothing.

Logan then calls and asks Mary Anne for help. He did his part of the project but knows that Cokie didn't do anything. Logan wants to coordinate his stuff with their work for the presentation. The day finally arrives, and the three do a good job. Cokie just reads off the dust jacket and looks confused a lot. Logan then asks her out.

They go out to dinner and admit that they both missed each other. He says that he spent so much time with Cokie because he missed having Mary Anne around. They don't necessarily get back together but agree to spend more time with each other and start seeing each other again. Mary Anne then goes home and finds herself doodling his name with her name.

This is also the book where the Korman kids think there's a monster in their toilet. Claudia, Kristy, and Mary Anne all sit for them and try to help them get over it. Kristy tells them about the foxes she once thought were under her bed and the fears her mom had, but nothing really works. It's kind of stupid too because there's no resolution at the end of the book. They're still terrified of a monster living in the toilet.

*Mary Anne mentions that when she needs to talk to someone, she would go to Dawn, then Logan, and then Kristy. It's nice to know that your "best friend" falls below your ex-boyfriend on that list.

*Stacey outfit: paisley print leggings, long shirt, black man's fedora, and black lace up foots with silver jewelry.

*MA makes a comment about Kristy not wearing a bra yet. Does that mean Mary Anne finally got her first bra?

*Pete snapped Miranda's strap once, which caused her bra to break. It rolled down around her waist until she could go to the bathroom.

*Cokie is so passive aggressive! At one point, she pours her and Logan a drink and then just shoves the bottles at Pete and Mary Anne.

*This is one of the books where Bill Korman makes a comment about how they always have hot dogs when they have a sitter. I'm sure this comes up again in other books.

*Mary Anne asks Logan if he missed having a girlfriend or if he missed her. He says he missed her, but it really seems like he just missed having a girlfriend. Cokie and Mary Anne are complete opposites, and all the stuff he does with Cokie is completely unlike what he did with Mary Anne, so it seems like he just missed having someone around.


  1. I really thought that too about Logan. If he really was missing Mary Anne he wouldn't be going out with Cokie all of the time or dumping their project in her and Pete's lap.

    I really liked Pete in this book and wanted Mary Anne to date him.

    Even though it didn't happen I always liked the cover of this book.

    1. I also shipped Pete and Mary Anne. Logan pretty much never called her and seemingly dropped out of the club when they broke up. Plus with all the Cokie stuff, it's clear he doesn't really miss MA that much.

    2. It really is isn't it? Once they broke up there wasn't one sign on Logan's part that he missed Mary Anne. Its even in this book where he has the perfect chance to try and get her back. He dates someone else. He could have not dated anyone and used the project as a chance to spend more time with Mary Anne and make good use of those times, maybe use it as excuses to call her all in hopes she decides to get back together.

    3. It even kind of seems like he goes out of his way to avoid her and do things with Cokie instead of being around Mary Anne...

  2. Mary Anne got her first bra in book #10 Logan likes Mary Anne! She is embarrassed to tell Kristy and embarrassed that a saleslady had to help her.

    1. I don't know how I forgot that! I read and recapped that book so long ago though. Poor underdeveloped Kristy :-)