Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collection: Stacey's Book

It's now time for Stacey to write down her memories for her autobiography assignment. She gives us some background on her life. Her first word was ma-ma, she had a teddy bear she carried everywhere, and she remembers when they moved to the Upper West Side. We then get to the real memories.

Stacey was around five when she and Laine were in school together and heard Cinderella. Stacey became obsessed with the story, and her mom got her a spot on the Cinderella float in the Macy's parade. Everyone watched for her and wanted to see her on television. The girl playing Cinderella lost her crown, and Stacey bent over to pick it up and missed her spot on television. She also realized that the girl was just an actress but didn't tell anyone else because she didn't want to ruin it for them.

She and Laine's mom then enroll them in ballroom dance classes. They hate it so much that they skip classes and wander around NYC. They go for ice cream, window shop, and do whatever they want. Laine convinces her to go to FAO Schwartz on the bus, but it takes too long. By the time they get back, they're an hour late. They get grounded from seeing each other and have to go back and take classes again.

In her later years, her parents plan a trip to an island in Maine. They want to spend the whole week relaxing, but Ed sneaks some work into her suitcase. The island has absolutely nothing to do. It consists of a few houses, a rocky beach, and a blueberry patch. There's one other girl there, Mara, but they don't get along. Stacey acts like a city bitch, and Mara acts like a country brat.

While trying to climb on a stepladder and get some books, Ed slips and hurts his ankle. Mara rushes over in the boat and drives her parents' truck to get him on the boat. Stacey is so impressed that they actually become friends. They spend the rest of the week talking and playing. Though they agree to write each other every week, neither one does.

Stacey later moves back to NYC and notices her parents fighting a lot. Claudia calls and asks to come for a visit. The first night goes okay, but then Claudia changes. She pouts and whines a lot and says that Stacey really doesn't want to show her around. On her last day there, she finally breaks down and admits that Stacey was her best friend ever and that she hates knowing she'll never come back to Stoneybrook. They make up and have fun spending the day together.

*She keeps talking about how Cinderella has red hair and how the actress on the float wore a red wig. But, she also says she watched the movie a lot. Cinderella in the movie has blond hair, so it's weird that she keeps mentioning the red hair.

*Stacey says one of the kids in their class always introduces himself by his full name and "the third." He corrects teachers when they skip the third part and talks about how he plans on being a senator and then president. It's a little odd for a five or six year old kid to talk like that.

*Laine and Stacey's family took a bunch of family vacations together. That seems like something she may have mentioned before.

*I wonder if the island they go to is close to the one Claudia's family visited. Gee, I wonder why Stacey never gave her any tips or even mentioned that she went on a similar vacation.

*Her parents take her to the Plaza Hotel for her birthday because she loves Eloise. When they sing to her in the restaurant, Pavoratti just so happens to be there and sings along.

*Stacey says that Laine always talked like a little adult because of her dad being in the industry. Yeah, no five year old should ever talk the way she does in this book.

*Stacey and Laine want to get an apartment of their own and decide to start saving their money. They think they'll have enough by fifth grade. This so reminds me of similar plans I had back with my friends.

*Maureen works at Macy's, which is how Stacey gets in the parade. I'm sure that after the divorce though, she mentions that she hasn't worked in years, which made me think she hadn't worked since she got married or at least had her.


  1. The red hair confused me. Cinderella always had blond hair, Ariel was the red head. But I did like that Stacey was a fan because I was a huge Cinderella fan when I was her age.
    I remember Stacey mentioning they went on trips with Laine's family in another book but don't remember which one.
    I always thought it was strange that Stacey's mom didn't work its not like she had young kids to take care of and Stacey didn't get diabetes until she was eleven or twelve.

    1. I always figured Maureen was one of those rich wives who "works" but throwing fundraisers and crap.

      And yes on the Cinderella! It really annoyed me that she kept talking about the movie and how Cinderella had red hair. I thought maybe she saw one of those cheapo movies or a live action or something, but she says she and Laine went to see the animated re-release in the theaters...