Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sweet Valley High #57: Teacher Crush

Sweet Valley High apparently took a page from Stoneybrook Middle School's playbook and announces some huge new program. They're bringing in a bunch of professionals to run little mini programs for students. All the students sign up for up to three or four classes they want to take, and the school tries to assign them to one of those classes.

Jessica is less than happy because Lila recently started bragging about how her dad is dating some random Hollywood star. Even though she has no proof, she won't stop talking about it and about how she hangs out with this lady all the time. Lila decides to sign up for the class on dress design to make the woman some fancy dress that she'll love. Jessica puts electronics down as one of her last choices on the assumption that it will be full of hot guys. Unfortunately for her, she winds up in the class and it's a bunch of "nerds" like Jeffrey, Winston, and Randy Mason.

Elizabeth, who never once exhibited any interest in art, decides to sign up for a painting class with Enid, and Olivia winds up in the class too. Their teacher turns out to be this hot guy in his early 20s who demands that they all call him Stuart. During their first class, he praises Olivia for her work and singles her out in front of everyone.

In case you missed the name of the book or have no clue what will happen next, Olivia develops a huge crush on Stuart. They're constantly talking after class and spending a lot of time together. She changes the way she dresses for him and even shows up at his apartment one morning to ask him for advice. He then takes her shopping for a special gift that he wants to give someone special that Friday, which just so happens to be her birthday. Her parents want to do something special for her, but she begs off and claims she already has plans. The only downside is that Stuart invites her to hear him lecture some college students, and she overhears someone mention anther woman.

The art students get to have a big show on her birthday. Stuart shows up with some random hot girl who he introduces as his girlfriend. Olivia feels pretty stupid for thinking he liked her. When she shows up at home, her mom tells her that they need to pick up her dad from work before going out for her birthday. They get home and all her friends are there waiting for her to throw her a surprise party, including Rod Sullivan. Though he later becomes an asshat, here he's just some random cute guy with the hots for her.

Jessica does really bad in her class because she knows nothing about electronics. She finally convinces Randy to help her make a lie detector test. Lila decides to design a dress that conveniently looks like one Jess just bought. She keeps screwing up everything and messing up the dress. Then she convinces Jess to let her pass off hers as the one she made in exchange for hearing a big secret.

Everyone loves the lie detector test and wants to try it out. She makes Lila try it, asks her about her dad, and finds out that Lila was really telling the truth. Lila thanks her for not outing her about the dress. At the very end, the big secret she had comes out. Todd's dad just got a new promotion that will bring him back to Sweet Valley. Everyone stares at Liz who makes up and excuse before fleeing.

*Olivia wears a clingy dress, a leather jacket, and knee high boots. I think it sounds way better than what she normally wears.

*Stuart's first assignment is to create the feel of a color without actually using that color. That seems pretty tough for a first assignment.

*Does anyone really buy that Olivia has no painting experience? Given that she's the "arty" one, it seems like she probably picked up a paintbrush before.

*Anyone remember the Olivia's Story book? You know, the one where her mother hates her painting and artistic side? Yeah, in this one, her mom helps her set up a studio in the basement.

*Why do young teachers in these books never understand the effects they have on young girls? Stuart lets her into his apartment, takes her shopping, and goes to the museum with her but never picks up on her crush.

*Elizabeth refuses to believe that Olivia has a crush on Stuart. Then, when everyone in school starts talking about it, she worries for a few chapters before deciding to basically do nothing.

*Lila says that her dad and the actress/model will be on the cover of a magazine the following week, but no one ever brings it up again. It's also funny that Jessica is the only one who doesn't believe her.


  1. Olivia has no painting experience? Your right that makes no sense. She's the artistic character.

    I agree about Stuart too teachers especially male teachers are drilled into from day one to never do anything that could be close taken the wrong way. Its too easy for it to happen and he's fired and never teaching again. Or worse he's in jail fending off his cellmates. There's no way he would do any of that. Plus dealing with a teenage girl with a crush? That's dangerous. What's Olivia suppose to think when he takes her shopping? That its true love obviously. He's lucky she realized he wasn't in love with her and took it well.

    1. Yup, there are multiple mentions of how she has never painted before and is completely inexperienced.

      Stuart really is awful. There's one moment where he hesitates before letting her in his apartment but then does it anyway and suggests they go out to some diner. It does seem like all the male student teachers in these books have no concept of their effect on teenage girls though.