Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet Valley Twins #101: Twins in Love

The lives of the Wakefield family are so difficult that they decide to head to the Triple Z Ranch for a getaway. The owner of the ranch pokes fun at the twins about how he can't tell them apart and how they should wear name tags. He also teases Steven about how his life must be so interesting with twin sisters, which irritates Steven because he's tired of the twins.

On the first day, Liz meets this super cute guy who makes her blush and stammer. Jessica then meets another guy and goes gaga over him. When Liz tells her about her new guy, Jess flips out because it's the same guy. She screams at her twin about stealing her boyfriend, which leads Liz to point out that her twin doesn't even know his name.

They run into him later, but he acts a little weird around them. He then shows up with his own identical twin. It turns out that Liz met Chris and Jessica met Nick. The boys then ask Ned and Alice if they can sit with the twins alone at dinner. The four parents decide to go to dinner together but agree to come later and sit at a separate table.

It doesn't take long before the twins start talking about a double wedding, but it doesn't take long for both of them to realize that they don't particularity like their twins either. Chris is obsessed with Jim Carrey and can't stop talking about how he wants to make movies. Nick is so serious and Jess thinks he's weird too because he keeps cutting his Jello into smaller pieces.

Jess keeps trying to get Liz to confess that she doesn't like Chris but she won't. Liz hopes that Jess will do the same thing about Nick. They keep looking at the other twin and thinking about how he's perfect for them. This leads to each one pretending to be the other one and getting away with it. The only problem is that Jess and Liz quickly realize that the boys switched on them too.

This book is so freaking confusing! Basically they keep looking at who uses his left hand and the type of shoes the guys wear because they keep showing up in matching outfits. Liz and Jess start dressing alike and trading accessories to fool the guys. No matter what they do, it seems like they keep ending up with the wrong twin.

Cut to their next to last day on the ranch. Jess winds up playing Liz and forced to ride her twin's horse, which doesn't like her. She ends up messing up, and Chris calls her out on it. The boys are so mad that the girls lied to them that they refuse to talk to them. They also claim that they never switched places and that they would never do that to their girlfriends.

Steven gets stuck on a slow horse and overhears someone talking about an old derby horse on the ranch. He asks to ride that horse during his stay. The horse is actually super old and super slow, which gives Steven another reason to pout. On the last day, they run a race. His horse gets excited and takes off running so fast that he wins. The owner of the ranch then finds that the poor horse got stung by a wasp, which is why he ran so fast.

On the very last day, Nick comes to see Jessica. He tells her that he really did like her and that he's okay with her lying to him. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and a piece of paper with his name and address on him. As he leaves, she realizes that Nick was actually Chris. Chris goes to see Elizabeth, and while he doesn't give her his address, he does say he might come to Sweet Valley for a visit. After giving her a kiss on the cheek, he makes a Jim Carrey reference and reveals that he's really Nick. No worries though because apparently Jessica and Elizabeth switched identities too and actually ended up with the right guys.

*This book is seriously confusing! One of the male twins wears Reeboks and one wears Nikes, which is one of the only differences between them.

*There's lots of Nick-as-Chris and Chris-as-Nick comments. I literally had to keep flipping through the book to keep them straight.

*When they dress alike, they both wear the outfits from the cover. Why in the heck would Liz have a pair of purple jeans?

*Ned and Alice make a big deal of this being a family vacation, but they're literally only in a few scenes and never really spend time with their kids.

*Jessica wants to borrow a cowboy hat from Lila at the beginning of the book. Lila initially refuses because she only has three and never wore any of them, but eventually agrees because she doesn't need one on her spring break to Paris.

*The Wakefields really need to nip Jess in the bud. She makes it clear that she plans to spend the whole trip checking out the hot guys and immediately eyes up some guy twice her age. Her parents just laugh it off. How the heck did she not end up a teen mom?


  1. Lila owns three cowboy hats? That seems wrong.
    I always wondered how Jessica didn't end up a teen mom.
    Nick and Chris sound very confusing

    1. It makes sense that she at least she never wore any of them :) And yes, the male twins were incredibly confusing!

  2. I have to give the twins credit for keep trying with the confusing Nick and Chris switch, wrong twin thing. I would have given up after the second try and moved on.

    1. You have to love the way they each find each of the male twins boring but stick with them anyway. It seems out of character for Liz and completely in character for Jess, if only because she has no other options...

  3. Lila with three cowboy hats does seem out of character but maybe she secretly likes them but lied about wearing them. You know how we all have things we'd never admit to buying or liking. I wonder what else Lila has.