Monday, August 10, 2015

Fear Street: The Overnight (R.L. Stine)

Della is upset with herself because she kind of gave her boyfriend Gary an ultimatum that led to them breaking up. After chatting with her best friend Maia about the upcoming overnight trip to Fear Island they're going on with the Outdoor Club, they head into the meeting where she sees Suki Thomas all up on Gary. Even though I always thought she was a preppy slut, she's apparently goth or alternative. She wears a short black leather skirt, a tight black sweater with a tear in one sleeve, and purple tights.

Class clown Ricky comes in and hands over a plant to Gary. When he can't identify what it is, Ricky tells him it's poison ivy. Rolling his eyes, their advisor comes in and points out that it's actually grape ivy and harmless. He then tells them that because of a personal emergency, he has to go out of town and can't take them on the trip, so he wants to reschedule it. Suki convinces them to all go on the trip anyway and lie to their parents about having an advisor.

Ricky brings along a bunch of Zap guns, which are just like paintball guns, and gets everyone to play a game. Della quickly finds Suki and Gary making out in the woods and wants to get as far away from them as possible. While wandering through the woods and playing, Della encounters a mysterious man in the woods. They start out flirting, but then he gets a little mean. He goes from talking about studying trees at Boston University to grabbing her arm and shouting at her. While fighting, she accidentally shoves him down a raven, where he falls and snaps his neck.

Despite seeing him die, Della still climbs down and checks him out, but all she does is find out that he has no pulse. Maia and Ricky then find them and help her back to camp. They agree, as a group, to not tell anyone what happened and to stay there overnight so their parents won't know anything went wrong. Some of the guys go back and hide his body under the brush.

Della spends most of the night tossing and turning because of what happened. When she finally falls asleep, she wakes to the sounds of footsteps outside. None of the other girls believe her and tell her just to go back to sleep. The next morning, they discover that not only was someone actually there but that the someone untied their canoes, which leaves them stuck.

Turns out that Ricky just hid the canoes as a trick before everything happened. They pack up and take off, but Della is so nervous that her mom can't stop asking her questions to make sure she's okay. After a short nap, Maia calls and asks her to come over. Maia keeps crying about how she's so traumatized by what happened and what if her parents find out she went on an overnight trip without a chaperone without once making sure her best friend is alright.

When Della finds the silver skull charm that was on her attacker's necklace on her door, she calls a meeting of the club. Gary reveals that he got one too, and they realize they were the only two who had their wallets with them in the woods. Pete, who has crush on her, shows up later with a newspaper article about two men who killed an older man. One of the men was the man who attacked Della. Her parents show up before they can talk much, but Pete does ask her out on a date. Maia also whines some more, which leads to Della snapping at her about how she cares more about her parents finding out she went on an unchaperoned trip with boys than anything else. Instead of crying some more, Maia finally just shuts up.

Pete takes Della dancing at The Mill before suggesting they go for burgers. Even though she wasn't sure if she would like him, she ends up kissing him in the club because she's having such a great time. On the way to the restaurant, someone comes out of nowhere and starts tailgating them. The driver tries to run them off the road, there's a big chase, and other car crashes into a tree. When they run over to see who it was, they find the car empty.

During their next meeting, Della tells everyone what happened. Gary, who I'm starting to dislike, is so dense that he seriously asks like three times who was in the car. There was NO ONE in the car dude! Mr. Abner, their advisor, comes back and wants to reschedule their overnight trip for the following weekend. They keep coming up with excuses. Ricky later freaks out because Della left behind her ZAP gun, and he thinks the cops will find it and come after him. She finally agrees to go back and get it, and the rest of the group decides to go with her.

Mr. Abner takes them back to Fear Island and seems way too excited about their camping trip. They take a hike through the woods and get back just as the sky opens and it starts raining. The group separates to look for firewood, but Della then hears Maia screaming. They rush back and find Mr. Abner on the ground bleeding from his head. Maia tells them that some guy came out of the woods, hit him over the head, and ran off. Della and Pete still need to go get the gun, but Maia freaks out. She doesn't want to be alone, but she won't move either. Instead of leaving her ass there like I would, Della agrees to go by herself and leave Pete with her friend.

Cut to her hearing footsteps in the woods and calling out for Pete. When she realizes it isn't Pete, she takes off running, slips and falls, and finds herself falling right on top of the leaf patch covering the guy's dead body. Unfortunately for her, there's no body there. The guy she thought she killed comes running out of the woods and throws himself at her.

Just as he reaches her, she slams her extremely heavy flashlight directly into his head, and he drops to the ground unconscious. Thinking she hears Pete in the woods, she calls out to him but it's once again the same guy. He does the typical bad guy "let me tell you all about my plan" thing, where he tells her they got no money from the guy they killed, so they decided to have a little fun with a group of teenagers. She manages to get away from him and into the woods, but he catches her again.

They keep fighting and going back and forth until Pete really does come out of the woods. Della grabs the Zap gun the guy had and shoots him right in the eye before running off with Pete. The guy follows them, but when they get out of the woods, they find a ton of police officers waiting for him. After arresting the guy, one of the cops tells Della there's a huge reward for catching him.

A few days later, Della's mom wants to know what her plans are and she reveals that she's now dating Pete. He shows up at her house for a date, and she sees a tent in the trunk. When he says he brought it in case they wanted to go camping, she freaks out, and he says he's actually taking it to get fixed for his little brother. They have a good laugh and start talking about roasting marshmallows while watching television.

Yay! I so thought she would get back together with Gary. Gary is kind of an ass. Making out with a new girl when your still kind of girlfriend is nearby? Not cool man, not cool.

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