Friday, October 2, 2015

Sweet Valley Kids #5: Jessica's Cat Trick

Jessica and Elizabeth find a lost cat outside one day, but because Steven and Ned have allergies, they hide the cat in their closet. Both twins take turns distracting Alice so they can sneak cans of tuna and glasses of milk upstairs. Since the cat has gray fur, they decide to name her Misty.

It doesn't take long before they tell all their friends and their friends tell other people. Caroline shows up one morning and begs to see the cat. The twins aren't too thrilled because they worry she'll tell her parents and get them in trouble. Caroline comes to the rescue though when the cat gets out of their room. She covers up the cat's meow noises, and when Alice thinks she smells tuna in the girls' room, Caroline says she has a tuna sandwich.

After giving it some thought, they decide to ask Caroline if she wants to take Misty home. First though, she has to ask her parents because they already have two cats. That same night, the twins notice that Misty won't sit still. She keeps moving around and constantly licking herself.

They finally tell Alice the truth, and it only takes her a few seconds to realize that Misty is pregnant and about to give birth. She tells Ned and Steven, and both of them want to stay and watch the cat have her kittens. The next day, Jessica and Elizabeth tell Caroline that Misty had five kittens. While her parents said she could have another cat, she doesn't think they'll let her have all the kittens too. No worries though because three people step up and announce that they want one of the kittens, yay!

*Since when are the men in the family allergic to cats? It must not be much of an allergy though. Ned basically opens a window in the room and can handle being around and even touching Misty.

*It's always cute to see the twins sharing a room, however in this book, they have a walk in closet. When they split rooms later, they both have regular closets.

*Lois, Eva, and Winston are the three kids who step up and want a kitten. It's cute, but they should really ask their parents first. Also, why can't these books have the same characters? Ellen is in this book and SVT but none of the other books, and Eva is only in this series.

*I don't know why this book is called Jessica's Cat Trick when both the twins find the cat and care for the cat.

*This comes after the hamster book where Jessica hates animals but before the book where they take a trip to the zoo and Jessica hates animals. Who can blame her though? Cats are adorable!


  1. I always thought it was cool they shared a room when they were little, although they probably played a lot when they were suppose to be sleeping.

    Cats are so cute, I always wanted one as a kid but my parents hated cats. Their so adorable.

    1. My boyfriend and I share way too many cats. We actually have several black cats that we took in because no one wanted them. I can't believe people are still so superstitious :(