Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More Tales to Give You Goosebumps

The Werewolf's First Night

Brian is a little nervous about going to Thunder Lake with his parents on summer vacation because he's now old enough for the boys' teen camp and he heard stories about werewolves roaming the camp. He hears wolf noises coming from the woods, sees one of the guys eating raw hamburger meat, and sees fur on another. Just as he starts to freak out, they reveal that it was all a big joke play on all new guys. That's when Brian completely transforms into a werewolf and starts chasing them all around camp. Unexpected.

P.S. I Don't Write Back

David is spending the summer at Camp Timber Lake Hills and is upset that his parents never write him. While all the other campers get letters, he gets nothing. He finally gets a letter from his mom that they aren't coming to visit him and to not write back. Then he gets another that says his parents are sending them to live with his uncle and to not write back. When he looks closer, he sees the letters are addressed to Camp Timber Lane Hills, which is the camp across the lake. He sneaks out, finds the other David, and tries to give him the letters before the other David starts screaming at him to leave. When he gets back, his counselor yells at him for sneaking out and reveals that the camp across the lake burned down 30 years ago. David heads back to his cabin, looks closer at the letters, and finds that each one is dated from 1964. Dah dah dum.

Something Fishy

Eric is a normal kid who loves fish. It's super hot outside but since he loves his fish, he spends all his money on his tank instead of stuff like ice cream or swimming. One day, he starts looking deep into his tank and suddenly shrinks down to the size of his fish. The fish attack, he grabs a spear from one of his decorations, and attacks them back. His sister yells at his mom that there's a dead fish in the tank, and when she goes to scoop out the fish, she grabs him too. As she flushes him down the toilet, he wakes up in his bed regular size. A few days later, the temperature rises again and he does the same thing. Only this time, his mom comes in and tells his sister that she picked him up some fighting fish and dumps them in the tank right on top of him.

You Gotta Believe Me

Stan's parents don't believe in television, so he reads a lot of science fiction. That's why he realizes aliens are real after seeing a spaceship by his neighbor, Mr. Tribble's, house. Unfortunately, Mr. Tribble tells him it was nothing and sends him home. He then sneaks over and sees the aliens talking about the stages of their invasion. The aliens nab him and make him watch a bunch of sci-fi shows before letting him go. When no one believes his stories of aliens invading, he decides to stop them himself with a bunch of aluminum foil. Seriously. In the end though, the aliens come back anyway.


Ashley, Greg, and Jack are hanging out on the beach with Greg eating his trademark gummy worms and picking on Ashley. They find a treasure chest that washed up on the beach and open it to find a huge blob monster trying to get out. The monster eats the gummy worms and then drags Greg inside when it can't find anymore. Ashley and Jack rush to the store, get more gummy worms, come back, and tempt the blob monster until it lets Greg go. Greg looks back, sees a bag of gummy worms hanging out the side of the chest, and starts to go back until they stop him. As they wander off, they see two guys walk up to the chest, comment on the gummy worms, and start to open the chest without even attempting to stop them. Nice Ashley, nice.

Dr. Horror's House of Video

Ben loves horror movies so much that he and his friend Jeff make their own. While on a trip into town with his mom, he stumbles onto a new video rental place called Dr. Horror's House of Video. The owner, Dr. Horror, tells him that he makes his own movies in his garage and lets him watch part of his Lizardman movie. Ben sneaks back the next day because he wants to see how the movie ends. The store is closed, so he sneaks in and later finds himself locked inside. He then wanders into the garage and finds both Dr. Horror and Lizardman. Dr. Horror offers him a role in his next film, they start acting, and Ben quickly realizes that all the monsters are real. Though he thinks Dr. Horror wants to help him escape from the ropes that tie him to a tree, he really just fixes his hair and keeps on rolling...

The Cat's Tale

Marla's parents moved her and her brother to the middle of nowhere from NYC, so she isn't a happy camper. One night when the electric goes out, she has a nightmare about a monster attacking and wakes to see a furry streak run by. The streak is actually a black cat that somehow found a way into her room. Marla falls in love with that cat she names Misty. They spend every day together until she eventually goes to the swimming pool. The water freaks her out, something claws her leg, and she gets pushed into the pool. Her brother then hands her Misty and says the cat followed her there. Marla keeps hearing whispers singing a song about a cat's nine lives as she slowly becomes more cat like, including only wanting to eat tuna, drink milk, and having a fear of water. She tries to give the cat to an animal shelter, but Misty comes back. Marla then takes her out in a carrier, and while stopping to grab a soda, she hears screeching tires. A guy jumps out of his truck and freaks out that he hit and killed her cat. Marla goes home with a smile on her face, only to hear the whispered song come back later that night about eight lives left.

Shell Shocker

Tara and her brother Tommy find some shells on the beach and fight over one in particular. She wins and holds the shell up to her ear to hear someone talking. The little voice tells her where she can find the biggest shell in the world. Not really believing the voice, she follows its directions and finds a cave filled with bones. Though the voice says it's just fish bones, Tara thinks it might be human bones. She does find the biggest shell and starts celebrating before a huge hermit crab climbs out and attacks her. As it seemingly eats her, a tiny hermit crab pops out of the smaller shell and cheerfully tells its mom that it brought her another.

Poison Ivy

Matt's parents send him off to camp for the summer, which is horrible for a city boy. On his very first day, he nearly tumbles into a patch of poison ivy. On that same night, he hears a scratching at the door, checks it out, and sees the poison ivy creeping over the camp. Though no one believes him, they have to the next night when the poison ivy comes creeping over the doors and windows and blocks them in the cabin. Luckily, one of the guys has aftershave that the plant hates. They spray enough to kill the poison ivy. Just then, they see a funnel cloud in the sky. Aftershave boy then admits that the smell attracts mosquitoes...

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon

Jenny's parents take her to a lodge near the end of summer where it turns out there are no other guests. She meets this dog Bravo, the lodge owner, and his son Tyler. That first night, the owner locks her windows and won't let her open them, and she then hears someone calling her name and saying it's cold from outside. Tyler tells her that there was a hiker who mysteriously went missing and now comes back as a ghostly mist. The ghost takes one person every year on the harvest moon. Though she tells her parents, they say he was probably just playing a joke on her. On the night of the harvest moon, they leave her alone but tell her that Bravo will be outside to protect her. She later hears Tyler yelling for help and claiming that he locked himself out. Jenny tells him to stay away because he's the ghost and hears Bravo barking. Bravo then comes back to the door and barks. When she lets him in, the dog looks up, says thank you, and then tells her that it's cold outside, making this my favorite story in the whole book.

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