Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sweet Valley Kids #15: Fearless Elizabeth

A bunch of the guys recently started playing soccer during recess. Jessica refuses to play because she doesn't want to get dirty, but Elizabeth loves playing. When it's time for the youth teams to form, the guys tease her about how she's done for, but she points out that girls can play too. She and Eva both decide to try out.

During dance class, they find out that their teacher plans to take them all to a real ballet performance. Liz can't go because it's on the same day as try outs. Though Jessica tries to convince her to blow it off, she really wants to play. Steven even coaches her and Eva, and Eva's dad, who was a coach before, works with them to get them ready.

Jessica finally practices with her sister a little bit because she wants her to make the team. Elizabeth is really worried that she might get hit in the face. She was hit before by a ball and got a bloody nose. Eva loves playing goalie, but Liz worries too much. Steven tells her that she might have to play goalie during try outs. Every time she tries to play that position, she ducks or runs away from the ball.

Ned takes Jessica to the ballet performance, and Alice and Steven go with Liz. She goes better than some of the guys until she gets assigned the position of goalie. Jessica skips meeting the dancers after the performance to go and watch Liz. Liz does a good job, catches one of the balls as goalie, and winds up getting a first string position. Jessica still hates soccer but thinks that switching places with her sister might be fun in the future.

*Liz is the outdoorsy one who loves playing outside, while Jessica plays with dolls inside and hates the idea of getting dirty. It's a little weird that Liz is the one who stays inside all the time writing later and Jessica is a cheerleader.

*The teachers hear a commotion and come over to find out the guys were shouting about how they're better than girls at soccer. One of the teachers tells them that girls are often better players at their age and to basically shut up.

*Todd has to apologize to Elizabeth at the try outs because he was so mean to her and then she got a spot on the team.

*Did you ever have to try out for a second grade soccer team? In my area, everyone who wanted to join could join. They literally have try outs that last for hours.

*Not sure why it's called Fearless Elizabeth. Someone describes Eva as fearless because she literally throws herself across the net and catches a ball in midair. Liz just stands there and catches one that comes right at her.


  1. The kids sports teams were ran by the parks and rec in my city and they pretty much took everyone. It was separated boys teams and girls teams, and of course by age groups.

    1. I really and truly sucked at soccer when I was a kid and still ended up on the team. I can't imagine any group for kids this young would turn down players!